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Tortoise & Blonde x The Blueprint

We couldn’t think of a blogger more fit for our frames than theblueprint.  We’ve been fans of his tumblr for some time now- a mix of great music & swag wrapped in all his flannel & bearded glory.  T&B’s just look like they belong on his face (have you seen our lifestyle shots?)

Pictured here from left to right: 

Which pair do you think he should go with?

  1. 80blocks answered: o u fancy, huh
  2. totallynotkelsey answered: Whatever you like best. Although maybe it’s just the picture, but both the Bowery pairs look kinda chunky.
  3. 6od answered: I don’t know if it’s the angle your facing the camera, but i like the Bowery best. I’m a fan of tortoise. turtle power, ya know?
  4. karlfun answered: Nottingham.
  5. brain-food answered: Bowery in tortoise
  6. ratsoff answered: All are awesome but I like the 3rd pair! Nottingham?
  7. dylanchase answered: black bowery
  8. room1009 answered: man. i need some sponsorships…..nottinghams look most like actual glasses
  9. vsebring answered: i like the bowery in both tortoise and black… :)
  10. lelapinbunny answered: Definitely The Bowery.
  11. bumblebeenie answered: All of them
  12. talkofshame answered: no. 2!
  13. laceymicallef answered: left left left left left
  14. particleb0red answered: while I have a weakness for tortoiseshell, bold strong frames demand black; I say #2
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